Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technologies

LEGION Total Knee System

It addresses straightforward primary to complex revision in seamless fashion with a single platform and versatile, easy-to-use instrumentation, maximizing or efficiency. It displays a combination of capabilities and ease.


It provides anatomic stability in mid-flexion while the differentiated anatomic shapes promote more normal muscle firing patterns and reduce muscle fatigue. It creates an innate opportunity to improve patients’ ability to return to their active lifestyles.

ANTHEM Total Knee System

It is total knee prosthesis with advanced femoral and tibial anatomic design to promote improved anatomic implant fit for all patients globally. The fit of the ANTHEM implant has been specifically developed to accommodate the differences seen in the size and shape of patients’ bones from diverse population groups worldwide. Based upon trusted design pedigree incorporating clinically advanced technology such as the tibio-femoral articulation, and patello-femoral function, the ANTHEM Total Knee System exhibits a 98% survivorship for over 15 years.