Revision Joint Replacement

Revision Joint Replacement

Revision Joint Replacement Surgeon in South India

What is Revision Joint Replacement?

Revision Joint Replacement is a surgical procedure that is performed when the Primary Joint Replacement has failed. During this procedure, the primary implants are removed and replaced with revision implants. Complex Trauma Surgeon in Bangalore. This kind of surgery has to be performed by an experienced surgeon only and in support, suitable operation theatre facilities, complete armamentarium of implants, I.C.U. and blood bank are a must. Revision Joint Replacement surgeries are expensive and would cost twice the amount as compared to that of Primary Joint Replacement surgeries.

Why Revision Joint Replacement?

Following are the conditions where Revision Joint Replacement is required:

  • Infection of primary implants and loosening,
  • Aseptic loosening of primary implants, and
  • When primary implants are malpositioned and causing pain.

Revision Hip Replacement Surgery in Bangalore

Kinds of Joints

The joints where revision is possible are as follows:

  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Shoulder (rare case scenario)

Types of Joint Replacement Surgery

There are two types of Revision Joint Replacement surgeries:

  • Single-Stage Revision: In a single sitting, the primary implants are removed and implanted with revision implants.
  • Two-Stage Revision: In the first stage, primary implants are removed and antibiotic spacer is placed. After 6-12 weeks another surgery is performed and revision implants are placed. Ortho Surgeon in South India. This kind of Revision Joint Replacement surgery is normally performed in cases of infection.